Crystal Varner Parker for Henrico County School Board

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Meet Crystal

Rev. Crystal Varner Parker is a Presbyterian pastor, former financial educator, graduate of Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS), and mom to two HCPS students. Crystal is a trusted advocate and proven champion for public education who believes the voice of every student, parent, educator, and staff member is heard. We have a responsibility to ensure we create healthy and safe school environments that ensure student success, effective learning, and a positive workplace.

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Crystal Varner Parker and her Family


Issues That Matter to All of Us

School board members are responsible for shaping policies, decided funding priorities, and creating a culture in the community for students to thrive. Shaped by her personal and professional experiences as a mother and community leader, Crystal has a vision that will keep Henrico County schools moving forward.

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Let’s Make History!

Crystal would be the first woman to represent the Fairfield District and the first Asian American (AAPI) to serve on the Henrico County School Board. It’s time for social change and a woman of color to lead the way.


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